Find the Best Hill Station Trips

What could be a better way to beat the summer heat of Delhi than visiting one of the many hill stations? These hills stations are located on the Himalayas which have enchanted heritage. The rich green woods are deep in culture as well as silver waters streaming in the waterways. During summer in India, it is warm and this pushes many local people as well as tourists to the Himalayas where it is cooler. You can plan an excursion with your friends and family to the flawless slopes that are closer to Delhi. There are many exercises that you can actually do if you decide to go with a family getaway. The hill stations near Delhi are accessible by train, bus or taxi and you will choose according to the one that is most convenient for you. Click here to read more about Reigntours Vagamon .

If you trek to the hill stations, you will get to enjoy the views and get involved in some of the thrilling activities. Some of the activities you can enjoy include rafting, national park visits and trekking that has been mentioned. These activities are worth the money and time because you will be energizing the body and soul. We will name some of the hill stations you can actually visit.

Manali is one of the hill stations you can visit and is tranquilizing. It is located at 6260 feet above the sea level. It is surrounded by mighty hills with forests that are thick. It has some of the best views because there is a river flowing right through it. Most of the tourists searching for adventure and nature, Manali is the place to be. It is a perfect getaway for couples and families. You can cycle, visit the monastery and sight see. The place can be visited any time of the year but keep in mind that in January and February, the snow is heavy. Read here for more tips.

Shimla is the other popular hill station and is located in Himachal Pradesh. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. If you want a honeymoon destination, this is the best place to visit. There are many colonial style buildings and temples that preserve so much history that you will be interested in discovering. There is an airport close by with daily flights to Delhi. The best time to visit Shimla is during winter. However, most tourists like visiting when it is not snowing to avoid the heavy snow.
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